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From Webster Elementary, to Washington Middle, to East High, the Green Bay Area Public School District’s Fine Arts strand offers students the unique opportunity to build and hone their skills in all aspects of the arts from kindergarten through senior year of high school. Several serious research studies have shown the positive impact the arts have on academic success. Creativity, imagination, and innovation are highly desired skills in many professional and technical career fields. Armed with this knowledge, the Fine Arts Institute at East High School was launched in the 2011-12 school year. 

The Institute began with a focus on music, and offered students the opportunity to further their studies in piano, guitar, strings, wind and brass instruments, and choral music with an emphasis on classical music. In 2013-14, the Institute expanded to include visual arts and literary arts, and in 2015-16 theatre arts was added. The components of the Institute are as follows:


Fine Arts Institute students study under master teachers and artists, receive private instruction, develop an artistic portfolio, and earn academic credit for their private and independent study in the arts. To build their skills and confidence, students are required to take 14 lessons for 30 minutes per semester from professionals in their field of music as part of a community apprenticeship. In addition, a summer instrumental bootcamp is offered annually as three weeks of intensive instrumental experience. Learn more by watching the video below:

Fox 11 Fine Arts Video

Courses required for Institute music students include: basic music theory, AP music theory, comparative arts, and ensemble that coincides with the student’s instrumental or vocal emphasis, such as band, choir, or orchestra. 

For a full list of expectations, requirements, and other information regarding the music strand, click here.

Visual Arts

Students in the visual arts strand of the Fine Arts Institute have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of the visual arts, including jewelry making, metal design, woodturning, and more. The Institute partners with the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Artisan Center to offer students after-school art opportunities as well. Students work on a year-long group art project each year, have the opportunity to learn from “Artists in Residence,” and enter art competitions. They also assist with scenery for East’s fall musical. 

Courses required for Institute art students include: design and mixed media, comparative arts, and students must take an art class each semester.

For a full list of expectations, requirements, and other information regarding the visual arts strand, click here.

If you would like our students to create artwork for your venue, event or organization, fill out the Visual Arts Request Form.

Literary Arts

The literary arts strand of the Fine Arts Institute gives students interested in writing the opportunity and encouragement to write, and provides the accountability to improve their craft. Students design their own units, and decide based on their interests whether they want to focus on poetry, creative writing, begin a novel, write a short story, etc. The young writers learn about the creative writing industry, learn about the opportunities available for publishing or self-publishing, and enter writing contests. 

Literary arts students are taught by a language arts teacher and published author who encourages them to practice their writing every day. Students also produce The Fine Arts “Strand” magazine for East High, which is published once or twice per year. Learn more:

Literary Arts Video

Courses required for Institute literary students include: creative works, comparative arts, and students must submit work and assist on the publication of “The Strand.”

For a full list of expectations, requirements, and other information regarding the literary arts strand, click here.

Theatre Arts

Students in the theatre arts strand of the Fine Arts Institute learn about all aspects of the theatre. They learn about what acting is, how to develop characters, and more. Students are required to be in a school production each semester, whether they’re involved behind the scenes or on stage. They are also required to support their fellow student artists by attending two art shows per year. 

Courses required for Institute theatre students include: introduction to theatre and acting, and comparative arts. 

Check out the 2018 short film below created by Institute student Isabella Di Salvo, featuring Institute student Mikaela Torbenson. Artist statement from Di Salvo about the film

For a full list of expectations, requirements, and other information regarding the theatre strand, click here.

Students interested in attending the Fine Arts Institute at East High are required to submit an application, which includes a student essay, recommendations, a statement of commitment, an audition for music and theatre students, samples of work, and more. Scholarships are also available for music students.

In the 2017-18 school year, more than 60 students were enrolled in the Fine Arts Institute. As studies have shown, these students will have an advantage in post-secondary education. According to a study from the National Endowment for the Arts, students who had intensive arts experiences in high school were three times more likely than students who lacked those experiences to earn a bachelor’s degree.


Do you have a question or want to know more about how you can support the institute? Call East High School at 920-448-2090 or e-mail Lucinda Roberts, fine arts coordinator.
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